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Where you work has a massive impact on the work you create. Imagine trying to code in the middle of a field. It sound’s nice – but we can imagine the potential problems. Bugs might start appearing in more places than just code. The ability to focus, and be creative, is linked to the environments we work in.

Our workspaces also effect our health. Various studies have shown that people who sit for over 11 hours a day increase their chance of death by cardiovascular disorder by 54%. Yikes!  Standing desks, active chairs, and opportunity for activity all work towards helping us stay healthy.

That said, here are some workspaces that inspire me, both on a creative aspect, and a healthy one.


Custom IKEA Standing Desk

A custom IKEA standing desk

Pros – Lots of space for storage, and gear. Obviously, this is intended for someone working in video or audio.

Cons – This is intended for someone working in video or audio! Adding another monitor in place of the speakers would solve this problem. As well, there’s no chair present – A majorly important thing.


Jimmy Bogard – IKEA Stand Up Desk

Pros – Cheap!

Cons – Isn’t an entire desk. This can be a really big issue when you’re working with paper; Easily solved by just moving to a desk surface.

Jimmy Bogard IKEA Stand Up Desk



Jason Wu

This isn’t a standing desk, but it reminds me of my current solution at home – A small desk, with no space for any clutter to accumulate!

Jason Wu's desk

Ryan Iley

My ingenious friend Ryan Iley shares my affinity for small clutter opportunity. Here’s his workstation:

Ryan Iley's desk

My Workstation

I currently shuffle between my small workstation, and a standing desk I’ve set up in the living room. Eventually, I’d like to invest in a tall chair and give myself more time standing.

This is my current workstation.
This is my current workstation.